A. Leaflets:
  1. Package of practices for cultivation of kiwi, capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, brinjal, tomato, apple, French bean, ginger (9 nos.)
  2. Grow out composite carp culture in pond fisheries
  3. Household integrated fish farming for sustainable livelihood
  4. Azolla-raising
  5. Effective application of bio fertilizers
  6. Power tiller- a multipurpose machine
  7. Sowing and planting tools and machinery for hill agriculture
  8. Weeding tools for hill agriculture
  9. Harvesting tools and equipments for hill agriculture
  10. Bench terrace as an alternative for shifting cultivation
  11. Threshing tools and machinery for hill agriculture
  12. Backyard poultry-its importance for rural farmers
  13. Piggery-a village cottage industry
  14. Low cost eco-friendly vermin composting technology (English & Hindi)
  15. Commercial cultivation practices of pea
  16. Mushroom cultivation-A profitable business for small & marginal farmers
  17. Disease management in ginger rhizome rot
  18. Pest and disease management in mustard
B Bulletins/Manuals:
  1. Composite carp faming for income generation in hill region
  2. Farmers Bulletin on Aquaculture practices
  3. Training Manual for Master Trainers of Farmers Clubs
C Newspaper Coverage: 53 nos.
D Research papers: 10 nos.
E Popular articles: 16 nos.