On Farm Trials (OFT) conducted during the year 2005-2011

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, West Kameng has conducted large number of OFT for assessment and refinement of new technology pertaining to crops, horticulture, animal science, fisheries and agricultural engineering etc.

Crop/Enterprise Technology Assessed Source

Crop Production

Pea Higher Improved Variety adoption (var. VRP-22) IIVR, Varanasi
Mustard Higher Improved Variety adoption (M-27) CAU, Imphal
Maize Higher Production with HQPM-1 CCSHAU, Karnal, Haryana
Rajmash Higher Production through Improved Seed (var. Arka Komal) IIVR, Varanasi
Soybean Varietal evaluation of soybean(var. PS-1092,VLS-47) VKVPAS, Almora
Rice Varietal evaluation of Rice (var. Ranjit) AAU, Jorhat
Fertilizer Soluble fertilizers  


Cow Pea Varietal evaluation of cow pea (var. Kashi Kanchan) IIVR, Varanasi
Bottle Gourd

Varietal evaluation of bottle gourd (var. Narendra Rashmi) NDAU & T, Faizabad
Chilli Varietal evaluation of chilli (var. KA-2) IIVR, Varanasi
Brinjal Varietal evaluation of brinjal (var. IVBR-14) IIVR, Varanasi
Pumpkin Varietal evaluation of pumpkin (var. Kashi Harit) IIVR, Varanasi
Bottle Gourd Varietal evaluation of bottle gourd (var. Narendra Shankar-4) NDAU & T, Faizabad
Tomato Varietal evaluation of tomato (var. NDT-3) NDAU & T, Faizabad
Okra Varietal evaluation of okra (var. VRO-6) IIVR, Varanasi
Bitter Gourd Varietal evaluation of bitter gourd (var. Kalyanpur Sona) IIVR, Varanasi
Sponge Gourd Varietal evaluation of sponge gourd (var. IVSG-1) IIVR, Varanasi

Plant Protection

Chilli Management of chilli pythium rot using Trichoderma viridie  
Cabbage Bio control of Diamond back moth on cabbage AAU, Jorhat
Pea Integrated Pest and Disease Management of Pea Var. Arkel  
Maize Management of stem borer of maize using Trichogramma spp.  
Rice Management of stem borer of Rice using Trichogramma spp.  

Agricultural Engineering

Rice Introduction of improved sickle Manufactured by FALCON and modified by NERIST, Nirjuli, (A.P)
Maize Popularization of Maize Sheller  
Apple Fruit harvester  

Animal Science

Pig Mineral supplementation of growing pigs ICAR RC for NEH Region, Barapani


Fish Composite carp farming CIFA, Bhubaneshwar
Fish Supplementary feeding of carps for higher productivity CIFA, Bhubaneshwar
Fish 3 species Chinese carp culture in hilly terrains DCFR, Bhimtal